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Touching is believing.

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Inspired by the original Apple iPhone Ad.

Owh Shniz, say what?

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Owh man, its been a while eh people? Sorry I didnt kept this blog running, I was busy meeting new people, doing weddings, college assignments and all the good life shniz. I have come back with more pictures for me to post, and to kick things out I recently assisted Azim Puchong ( rasanya dah macam official assistant kot hahaha! ) to this awesome wedding that was held in Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur. I went all out natural light except for some circumstance-lah hehe. The wedding was simply awesome, awesome couple, awesome place, awesome performers and of course awesome desserts! HAHA. I was so hyped up about photographing couples in a hotel room and I just got that chance. I have to say this out loud, this shoot made awesome because Azim Puch and I went all out suit boyez, Oh my god I felt almost awesome as Barney Stinson. WHAT UP!.  Although there were other photographers which weren’t very photographer friendly that kind of irritates me. One thing that I do mind about working with other photographers, pretty please do not put your flash to optical slave. They did just that and it ruined most of my shots because their flash doesn’t sync up with my white balance. So what I did, I went all natural up to ISO1600 which isn’t pretty on a D90. Its better if you just use CLS and put your respectively channels so it wont interrupt other people photographs mannn. Phew, so anyways here at the pictures I hope you like it and hopefully since now I’m now on my sem break, I will keep this blog updated from time to time!

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Earth Hour Wedding.

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Believe it or not, this wedding took place during Earth Hour and the place is just a few kilometers away from KLCC. I didnt felt any close to Earth Hour because the place was normally lit like any other day haha, if only photography could work without light hmm. Anywho, this is the 2nd time Azim asked me to assist him on the wedding. I didn’t really take much picture because I was assisting with the external flash to give the couple some fills. Its been a while since I’ve used back my new D90,  I have to say the camera just doesn’t feel right. I went all out ambient light with my 50mm, and I think this is the first time I’d regret it. When I got home to find out that most of the pictures are not as sharp, it got me thinking what I did wrong?. I can only just hope jobs kept pouring in next month.

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Old draft post; These trees gonna be revo- wait for it.

Color Blind.

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Last Thursday was a first, first time of the year that I’ve taken the LRT to KL, first time of the year I’ve been to KLCC, first time ever I’ve been into the Petronas Gallery, first ever walked all over kl from morning until dawn. It was a class trip to the Sony Photography Exhibition which was held at Gallery Petronas. I’ve tried so much to like exhibitions but I couldn’t, no matter how much I tried I am the least impressed guy in the building, I envy my colleagues could nod their heads and smiled when looking one’s picture. While me with the static iron face, doesn’t give a who-who unless the picture is like OMFG’ish. There was a couple of good photographs, muwehe manipulation rules. Check it out, its a picture conveying how our high cholesterol food consumption is the same as committing suicide. Okay it might be more awesome if you went to see it personally I guess. Owh and the public commute was awfully interesting too, maybe its just me haven’t been in public eyes for so long. Couldn’t help observing strangers, why people would waste an empty seat just because they dont want to sit next to strangers, what are the factors. It can be mindfucking at times but yeah. It reminded me during my school years, it took me 2 hours to reach KL. What do I do with that 2 hours, is just wait. Maybe I got used to waiting thats why I’m still single? huh. Anyways, I was left alone with my lecturer Encik Fauzi and we planned to grab lunch, he kinda dragged me to Masjid Jamek, he brought me all the way there just to eat at this small Malay stall restaurant. I am never comfortable with people when I’m alone, my pathetic nagging self-consciousness kept reflecting me what to do ( butwhey- wise people say its better to know your strengths and weaknesses ) but that part was totally true though. Then he said to me, “Look around, you. This is reality, tough life.” I could only nod. I dont know, I rather bathe in reality than pretending not to look miserable maybe?. We started off walking from Masjid Jamek then to Petaling Street then somewhere-lah because I was never really that good recognizing places in KL haha. I didnt took much photographs myself, I was distracted by the thought of putting myself in their shoes. Little that I know, I’m practically helpless. The feeling never made felt so alive, but the sun was kindofabitch.

Advertising Photography Assignment #3

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We photographed some watches and it was boring.

Balkhis & Hanafi #2

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M’s Birthday Seagood Madness!

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First and foremost, Happy Birthday M! :D A trip to Port Klang for some seafood madness, fuhyo never had any good seafood in a while. It was so good, I finished the plate first haha! Simply awesome seaside view which I totally forgot when the first nasik was served hehe. Sorry takda gambar fishies and some crabs, dah selamat masuk perut baru teringat nak tangkap HAHAHA!

Edinor Yaziz | Freelance Photographer.